Monday 30 September 2013

Road trip Part II.- Cheddar Gorge

On the way to Cheddar Gorge. Endless foggy green fields everywhere you looked.

And after 45 minutes of driving (probably less if I'm not there stopping the car at every other bush to take a picture) endless super-high mountains have replaced the fields.  

We drove into the centre of Cheddar Gorge where we visited the Cheddar show caves, where Britain's oldest human skeleton (the Cheddar Man) was found in 1903. The caves, produced by the activity of an underground river, contain beautiful stalactites and stalagmites painted in all colours of the rainbow.

The water was so clear that has tricked our eyes when we looked into it. Instead of the actual reflection we thought we are looking down into a deep rocky gap.

The ground was so slippery and the tunnels quite narrow so I ended up with an aching hump on my head
(I cared about my shoes more then my own skull...), but even that couldn't stop me climbing 300 stairs up to the top of the rocky mountain.

When we reached the top we met a horde of goats jumping on the cliffs, wondering around us or just having a dinner from these yellow flowered bushes. I've never seen them in their natural environment before, was such a nice experience.

The view was so amazing up there that I have forgotten about my fear of high.
Next time I should visit a beautiful place full of spiders, will might work as well :)

In those 2 days I've spent in Bath and Cheddar Gorge time has stopped and I only felt curiosity, admiration and happiness. And slept sooo well when I got back home:)

Saturday 28 September 2013

Roadtrip Part I.- City of Bath

And magic happens sometimes.
My cousin phoned me on Sunday afternoon to go somewhere out of London the next day. I suggested Bath since I've never been there and have heard about its charm many times.
City of Bath is about 3 hours driving from London and once you are there it's like an enchanted fairy tale.

It's the Bath Abbey in front and the Roman Baths on the right

 Mark Foster's (Olympic swimmer) torso made of Bath stone.

Beautiful randomness of English gardens.

 Circus, the Royal Cresent on top of the city.

I loved the colour of the buildings, gives a very special mood to the town. (Mostly Georgian architecture crafted from Bath Stone.)

Haunted town, Bath after the sun goes down.

We had limited time for everything as we arrived only in the late afternoon. But tried to make the most of our visit so decided to stay for the night and experiment the night-life of the town of students. This is our hotel from the back.

Early waking in the next morning, a little bit hungover from last night's freshers parties but new day, new energy for the next plan. The destination: the gorgeous Cheddar Gorge. ( on the blog tomorrow)

Thursday 26 September 2013


So I'm back to busy London. 
Working...Raving in East London...Photo shoots...Trying to keep up with blogging. 

 ...And hoping for magic to happen every day.

Pictures of my friend, fashion blogger Veronika.

Thursday 19 September 2013

My Budapest

Finally I visited Budapest, my home town after 8 months. Just got back to London 2 days ago, recharged with love and memories. Here are some pictures of people I love the most and miss already, and some of the beautiful Budapest.

Our Parliament at night and the River Danube.

Had a coffee with my Mum on the square front of St. Stephan's Cathedral. Loved to sit there and remember long passionate nights that have happened hereabout.

Playing pool with my sister and Dad in Noiret. This is the place where the idea of moving to London was born 2,5 years ago on a slightly tipsy night. Still not sure if I should regret or bless the amount of beers I had that night.

My cousin's Baby No.1, Hanga is going hardcore riding the teeter in her pink helmet.

Baby No.2, Huba, only 1,5 year old but I'm already sure that he will be a heart breaker.

A night in with Mum, sister and my dearest friend, Petra. After a few glasses of wine we came up with some pinky promises (can't just tell yet). Fingers crossed and Cheers!:)

Had a lovely dinner with my dear friend, Lili at Gozsdu in Negyszaz. Every time I eat here I always order the same, Sztrapacska with bacon and lots of sour cream, mmm yummi.

Collecting walnuts from my Grandma's garden. This is a super mini walnut.

I asked my Grandma if I can take a picture of her. After I showed the photo to her tears started running down her face. She said she is so ugly and old. Now I'm sure she was only criticizing my ability of taking nice pictures because I think she is one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Paper skin...91 years old.

Crossing the Lanchid (Chain Bridge) at night after the wine festival in Buda Castle. Love the night-lights in the city. In the distance it's the Gresham Palace.

Elizabeth Bridge and Gellert Hill with the Liberty Statue (the mini one in the right corner) from Lanchid. 

Sunday 1 September 2013

Lost Focus

It's been two months...
 I moved twice, finished school for now, had my birthday (im not happy about my new age) and I haven't touched my camera since July...This is the first time.

 My friend and flatmate (again, just moved in together after 1.5 months gap) Veronika has come back from Budapest so we went for our first photoshoot after ages. I realised I've been missing my camera and the feeling of shooting so much. One birthday promise to myself: will never put my camera on the side getting dusty for two long months.