Saturday 28 September 2013

Roadtrip Part I.- City of Bath

And magic happens sometimes.
My cousin phoned me on Sunday afternoon to go somewhere out of London the next day. I suggested Bath since I've never been there and have heard about its charm many times.
City of Bath is about 3 hours driving from London and once you are there it's like an enchanted fairy tale.

It's the Bath Abbey in front and the Roman Baths on the right

 Mark Foster's (Olympic swimmer) torso made of Bath stone.

Beautiful randomness of English gardens.

 Circus, the Royal Cresent on top of the city.

I loved the colour of the buildings, gives a very special mood to the town. (Mostly Georgian architecture crafted from Bath Stone.)

Haunted town, Bath after the sun goes down.

We had limited time for everything as we arrived only in the late afternoon. But tried to make the most of our visit so decided to stay for the night and experiment the night-life of the town of students. This is our hotel from the back.

Early waking in the next morning, a little bit hungover from last night's freshers parties but new day, new energy for the next plan. The destination: the gorgeous Cheddar Gorge. ( on the blog tomorrow)

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