Thursday 19 September 2013

My Budapest

Finally I visited Budapest, my home town after 8 months. Just got back to London 2 days ago, recharged with love and memories. Here are some pictures of people I love the most and miss already, and some of the beautiful Budapest.

Our Parliament at night and the River Danube.

Had a coffee with my Mum on the square front of St. Stephan's Cathedral. Loved to sit there and remember long passionate nights that have happened hereabout.

Playing pool with my sister and Dad in Noiret. This is the place where the idea of moving to London was born 2,5 years ago on a slightly tipsy night. Still not sure if I should regret or bless the amount of beers I had that night.

My cousin's Baby No.1, Hanga is going hardcore riding the teeter in her pink helmet.

Baby No.2, Huba, only 1,5 year old but I'm already sure that he will be a heart breaker.

A night in with Mum, sister and my dearest friend, Petra. After a few glasses of wine we came up with some pinky promises (can't just tell yet). Fingers crossed and Cheers!:)

Had a lovely dinner with my dear friend, Lili at Gozsdu in Negyszaz. Every time I eat here I always order the same, Sztrapacska with bacon and lots of sour cream, mmm yummi.

Collecting walnuts from my Grandma's garden. This is a super mini walnut.

I asked my Grandma if I can take a picture of her. After I showed the photo to her tears started running down her face. She said she is so ugly and old. Now I'm sure she was only criticizing my ability of taking nice pictures because I think she is one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Paper skin...91 years old.

Crossing the Lanchid (Chain Bridge) at night after the wine festival in Buda Castle. Love the night-lights in the city. In the distance it's the Gresham Palace.

Elizabeth Bridge and Gellert Hill with the Liberty Statue (the mini one in the right corner) from Lanchid. 

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