Saturday 22 June 2013

Lipstick and fan

I had my second session of studio portraits yesterday and my dear friend and classmate, Linda was modelling for me. It was much fun and finally I could put creepy thoughts and shadows on the side:)

Have 2 more weeks left from school, so much to do. Need to finish all the projects, set up workbook and so and so...I'm freaking out a bit. But once it's all done I'll be the happiest.:)

Saturday 15 June 2013

Frame of mind

 I've had my first session of studio lighting and portraiture at school.

Far from my usual style, they became quite dark and creepy. But matching my mood today since I've got so disappointed in a friend. Hopefully next time I'll make it dreamlike fairy tale-ish...

Thursday 13 June 2013

Boat trip on the canal

We've decided with my classmate, dear friend Linda to take the boat trip from Camden to Little Venice, take some pictures and be typical tourists for an afternoon.

The boat was leaving at 1:20pm and since I was at a friend's birthday party the night before I found it hard to wake up and put myself in order. Finally I could make it by calling a cab, not washing the last night's make up off and no morning coffee. So I just grabbed my camera and rushed out.
At first I found the mixture of the hangover and movement of the boat funny together but I got on with it quite well after a while. We made our way towards Little Venice and the sunshine with all the bright greens and blues have turned my hangover into a daydream.

Monday 3 June 2013

Atelier-To-Go Exclusive Trunk Show

Atelier-To-Go, online boutique selling transitional (mid high priced) brands had their exclusive trunk show, a private sale with a 40% off,  held in the Schiaparelli Suite of The May Fair Hotel where I was invited by my dear friend, Veronika.  The May Fair itself is the Official Hotel of London Fashion Week giving a centre stage to fashion. Those who have visited the event could also enjoy a glass of bubbly with Chambord and a selection of oh so delicious cupcakes.